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Admissions Open for Nursery to Class X for the Session 2021-22... Registered to Cambridge Assessment International Education- ID362, Rama Global School has been certified as a "A grade" school by Badan Akreditasi Nasional PAUD and PNF.
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Friday, 28 May 2021
Online First Term Test 2021

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Friday, 30 April 2021
Investiture Ceremony 2021
Thursday, 22 April 2021
Earth Day 2021

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RGS Talent and Dance Drama 2019
Ramathon 2019
Fancy Dress Competition 2019
Teachers Day 2019
MACS Fair 2019
Funfete 2019
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Research has shown that children make steady progress when parents are fully involved in their children’s learning and we actively encourage parental involvement. We aim to work in partnership with parents in the education of their children. It is important that children are happy and at ease with the education process. The more aware parents are of the work of the school, the easier it is to develop this.

The half-yearly PTM gives parents information and creates the opportunity to discuss pupils' development and progress. Should parents wish to raise any matters, particularly those of an urgent nature, they are encouraged to approach the class teacher first, unless the issue is of a more pressing nature, when the parents should contact the Headmaster. Prior appointment should be made in any case.

Ways in which parents can play an active role include:

  • a. Attending such meetings as may be called from time to time.
  • b. Volunteering to help during the Annual Funfete.
  • c. Offering their professional services where appropriate.
  • d. Making written representations to the School Committee on matters of general benefit
  • to the school.
  • e. Promote the school and its personnel in a positive manner (e.g. build up the teachers in
  • front of your children - do not criticise).
  • f. Assist the school in enforcing all the school rules e.g. punctuality, uniform, behaviour,
  • school attendance, care and respectful use of school property
  • g. Support the school in their decision(s) when dealing with pupils who have disregarded
  • the school rules.
  • h. Observe the correct channels of communication e.g. speak first to the class teacher,
  • then if need be to the Headmaster.
  • i. Keep the school well informed of matters that could affect your child’s performance
  • at school e.g. reasons for absence, problems at home etc.
  • j. Inform the school secretary of any changes of address, phone numbers, email ids/ name
  • change etc.
  • k. Pay all school fees promptly.
  • l. Ensure that your child is adequately equipped for the activity he/she is involved in e.g.
  • swimming/athletics/ club activities.
  • m. Supervise your child’s homework and sign the diary daily.
  • n. Attend PTM’s when held.
  • o. Provide your child with a loving, caring, well-disciplined home environment which
  • reduces discipline problems.
  • p. Allow your child to become independent and responsible (e.g. do not bring their “
  • forgotten” items to school etc).
  • q. Ensure that your child has a well-balanced diet and good eating habits to enable him/her
  • to work to their best ability.